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Company History

Tóth Imre

Our company’s history goes back generations, our family’s links to the automotive industry having their roots in the history of the automobile in Hungary. During the interwar period, when the first cars became available in Hungary, Imre Tóth founded a taxi service in the town of Siófok. Eventually, he was to pursue several lucrative auto-related businesses. In 1951, under the influence of the political powers of the time, his fleet of vehicles was nationalised, leaving Tóth to continue his career as a driver.

His successor, József Tóth, stayed true to the family’s propensity for the industry, launching an automobile repair shop as a small tradesman in the backyard of his family lot in downtown Siófok.

Later, his downtown lot was expropriated, leaving him wanting for a new base of operations from which to pursue his chosen line of work. He chose a lot next to the ÁFOR (today, MOL) petrol station for this purpose, where the family’s service centre is still located today.

Imre’s grandson Zoltán, representing the third generation of mechanics in the family, expanded the facility to its current size and signed a long-standing contract with BMW, making it an official BMW service centre. Though during the 1980s and ‘90s, German tourists to the area brought in considerable revenues, the gradual transformation of Lake Balaton tourism has resulted in a decreasing demand for the BMW make. The terms required by the BMW factory have also grown difficult to reconcile with local demand, leading the company to expand its operations to include other makes of car. Today, the business is again operated as an independent service centre.
Naturally, the company has retained its BMW specialisation in terms of both the tools and electronic equipment it keeps on hand. At present, the facility incorporates eight vehicle repair stations, one motorcycle lift, two storage areas, and an office. The facility is spacious, including not only in-shop repair stations, but also a large open area in front of the building.